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Build your future in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with a pro online tutor
Mathshub is helpful for you in case of:
  • developing particular skills for a new job as a Data Scientist, Analyst, Engineer and e.t.c;
  • solving common and specific business tasks at your work in STEM;
  • preparing for an examination, developing and practicing particular math skills at school, college or university for a future specialist in STEM.
Leave information about you to set up you goals and arrange a first class with a pro tutor online. We will get back shortly.
Our lead tutors and methodologists
"I am a professional math tutor for olympiad participants. I can help you build understanding of fundamentals in math, eliminating the lack of basic math concepts holding you back from applying math successfully."
Worldwide math olympiad teacher
2013 IMC Grand First Prize
2009 IMO Gold Medal

PhD Student in Math, MSU
"I am an experienced tutor in statistics, data science and its applications in business. I can be helpful for you to build a career as a data engineer."
Data Scientist at Yandex,
ex-Data Scientist at Alfabank

M.Sc in Computer Science, HSE;
Yandex Data Analysis School alumnee
"I work with students on math and statistics applications in data and product analysis. I have a major experience in teaching K-12 & College math".
CEO at Mathshub,
ex-Head of AI labs at,
ex-Product Owner at Group
Former PhD Student in Math, MSU
"I've been tutoring math for the past 10 years since I graduated from high school. I'm a math TA at UCF (currently teaching Calc 1, College Algebra, ODE and tutoring all various math classes)".
Teaching Assistant at
University of Central Florida

M.Sc. from UCF;
M.Sc. and B.Sc. from MIPT
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How it works:
1. Define your goal
Tell us about your short- and long-term goals. Our experienced coaching team will help you clarify them if you're doubting at the moment.
2. Choose a course
Find one of the courses to start with from the list Math for Data Science specialities. We are extremely flexible on setting up existing courses for our customers.
2. Define your level
Take a quick test to determine your level. It will be fast.
3. Contact your tutor
Choose a tutor with us and plan your first online lesson. You'll have both a tutor and a career couch during a program.
Our approach
All our tutors are both passionate mathematicians and great mentors, with their skills proven by their mathematical accomplishments and experience

We work with students who are eager to learn mathematics. They plan their careers in Engineering, Data Science, Analysis, Science.
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Mathshub is more than a data base. The trusted space where you grow, and help others to accomplish the same.
Find world-best Mathematicians or Engineers, who will be your tutors and mentors online. Be among the students strong in math.
Flexible schedule for you
Learn or teach online from where it works best for you
We measure the progress and keep improving our service to meet your goals, both as a student and a tutor